Stock Pilots is an affordable and accessible content platform built by creatives, for creatives.
We’re taking stock to new heights
The stock market is oversaturated and commoditized. Tedious and frustrating. Expensive and uninspired. But at Stock Pilots, we’re changing that. We’ve turned our platform over to a community of creators who want to tell stories, remix each others work, and share it with the world.
Helping your creative soar.
We couldn’t create a stock platform that promises quality footage without talented content creators. They’re the reason every clip in our library lives up to the same high standard.
Less is more.
Part of what makes the stock experience so tedious is combing through all the options. We change that, stressing quality over quantity.
Always affordable.
Stock footage shouldn’t blow your budget. At Stock Pilots, we’ve built our platform to always be affordable. Always.